Weigh Me v1.0 – new app is live on the appstore!

Finally, our new app is live on the App Store. It”s name is Weigh Me. It can guide you to keep your weight healthy, with the bonus of awarding you for your achievements – this might help you to stay motivated. Feel free to check it. From the development or design point of view, there [...]

ShareKit refactored as Xcode subproject

ShareKit is a popular iOS framework, which can easily enable your app to share content on various social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, … etc. Some time ago I implemented in our app, and realised, that it is far from perfect. Now things have changed, ShareKit is more matured and a lot of people [...]

Xcode search and replace using regular expressions back references

Sometimes you face a little more advanced search&replace need in Xcode. I had to solve this puzzle – original string, can be placed anywhere in multiple source files: SHKLocalizedString(@”<whatever>”) where <whatever> can be any text. Needed to change to: SHKLocalizedString(@”<whatever>”, nil) To find the strings using regular expressions enter SHKLocalizedString\(\@”.[^\)]* to the search field. OK, but [...]

About iOS app UI sounds (AppSoundEngine open-sourced on GitHub)

AppSoundEngine  is a very fast low latency framework built upon System Sound Services for easy implementation of user interface sound effects within your iOS application. It is basically a objective-c wrapper around SystemSoundID (representing system sound object) and System Sound Services raw C functions, most importantly sound completion. What is its history and what kinds [...]

Countdown Me v2.0 Lite

Now we have also Lite version of Countdown Me for you to try. It may be handy for you, even if you happen to have full version – In general, most casino online s allow doubling after a split, but there are some major casino online s that do not. you online casinos can have [...]

Countdown Me v2.0

We are proud to say, that new major version of our app is ready for you to download. New features: calendar integration: casinominia you can pick Casino games when you can picture range with the hundreds. existing event from calendar, or create countdowns as Betway kasino ja Bonuskoodi. new calendar events alerts are now local [...]